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You guys might wanna check this blog out, .Quite interesting blog  compare mine, lol. You can learn a lots about how to farm zeny, equip for cedi (sniper) since pragmatist got nerfed, still thinking how to get 1k hits? Just stop thinking & start reading about it! ;p

I've done doing brasilis quests, just lazy to editing & uploading. Man, my internet connection make me sick. Slower than snail... That's what he said* Nigahiga. Anyway, just keep in touch. *Even though we never touch each others. /swt. *what kinda joke is this*

Best regard,

Congrate Szehiet!

I'm back! After having hard time re-download new installer for rebirthro, since I keep failing to repatch. Right now, I'm back to business! Anyway, congrate to Szehiet! You have been choosen as the winner for the #Random Giveaway 4.

Did you guys having the same problem like me, fail to repatch? I know. I know. It really pissed me off. But I'm glad it's over now. 

P/s: Szehiet, check your @mail to get your prize! I'm gonna do some changes with this blog so it will load faster and gonna add more giveaway in the future! Stay tuned!


#Random Giveaway 3 - +4 Queen's Bells

Sorry for the wait. I'm kinda busy with my real life. In other meaning, most of my time wasted by sleeping all the time. LOL. Anyway, here a new giveaway for you guys!

Available : 1 Only
Server     : Rebirthro Loki
Slot         : 2 Slot

Only 1 person will receive it through @mail. Just leave ur comment on a link to this articel that I posted on facebook fanpage (You can see the fanpage at the right of this blog). Make sure to mention your IGN/Character name too. Choose any number from 1-50. (1 person per comment with choosen no. & ign).

This giveaway start from 18 september 2012 - 22 september 2012 (according to server time). I'll use service to pick up the lucky winner. It might be you, not me. LOL. The prize will be sent using @mail service a.s.a.p. 

Anyway, got to go (gtg) now, 

Busy person,

Tutorials For Newbies

How to:

2. How to Make Rebirthro Account
3. Install Rebirthro game
4. Start playing Rebirthro

P/s: This tutorial provided to help newbie. If ur already pro, no need to look on it. It's only gonna waste ur time. Trust me!

[Still in process of making it]


sah90 - Sniper (255)
Warpbux - Assasin Cross (255)
Scaryman 18 - High Priest (255)
Kuya Marino - Baby priest (255)
Scaryman 1 - Super Novice (255)
The Phantom Opera - Paladin (255)
Kuya Marino 2 - Star Gladiator (255)
NOKIA 6120 CLASSIC - Proffessor (255)

RRO Articles Labels

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