This tutorial for those who would like to play Rebirth Ro. To play Rebirth Ro game, first you need to get the installer and install it inside your computer/laptop. How to download rebirth ro?

First, go to Rebirth Ro website :

Then, look for Download link (see at screenshot below) :

Ok, now.. There are 2 way you can download Rebirth Ro Installer. You can download it using bittorrent or direct download. But, I recommend you to download using Bittorrent. If you dont have bittorrent downloader, you can download for free here :

Right now, I'm going to teach you how to download it using Bittorrent. Click the download link (see at screenshot below) :

Then, 2 small popup will come out. Click save..

Now, choose where do you want to save it. It is better for you to save it on desktop like me.(See at screenshot below).

Download in progress...

Download finished... Now, click open.

Reminder! Please make sure you already download & install Bittorrent downloader before you click open! Now, just follow those steps inside the screenshot below..

Rebirth Ro installer are now in progress..


Thats all about how to download rebirth ro installer..

P/s: Make sure you come back later to see more tutorials and tips about Rebirth Ro from me for free..