Lord of kaho horn is one of the top headgear/famous because of it function. To get it, you need to finish the quest. This quest is not really easy for noob/low level rebirthro player. This is because you need a lots of items to make it. Mostly, all the quest items you only can get by killing MVP/Boss.
Crazy huh?=D
Here, how lord of kaho look like:

[Wearing it, make people call you an alien..ahaha.. Trust me.]

So, what Lord of kaho horn ability?

  1. + 5 Str (strength)
  2. + 5 Int (Intelligence)
  3. +  10 Vit (Vitallity)
  4. +  10 Agi (Agility)
  5. + 20 Luk (Luck)
  6. + 10 Mdef (Magic defence)
  7. Defence 5
Cool headgear, arent they? =D
So, if you want to make Lord of kaho horn, First you need to get all items listed below:
  • 3 Emperium
  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Evil horn
  • 1 Red frame
  • 1 Smoking pipe
  • 1 Fang of garm
  • 1 Mother nightmare
  • 1 Sphinx hat
  • 1 Diamond ring
  • 1 Poring doll
  • 1 Chonchon doll
  • 1 Baphomet doll
  • 1 Osiris doll
  • 1 Rocker doll
  • 1 Apez Fanitem doll = Yoyo doll
  • 1 Racoon doll
  • 1 Spore doll
  • 5,000,000 Millions zeny. =D

Haha... I already told you, its not gonna be easy! But, let me give you a hints to get the Lord of kaho horn faster.  Just buy it from others, who already make it. The price are about 10 millions zeny. You can also finish this quest by buying some/all item required to make it from others. That will be easier. Trust me..
[Its easy for people that have lots of zeny/rich]..

Ok, after you have all those items required to make it, type @go geffen (warp to geffen) and go to the center of geffen. Look at the map below!

After that, talk to Lord Kaho servant (An old man with white hair).

Click the old man.. And follow all steps below..

Choose Sure am!, then click ok.

The end!

P/s: Congratulation! Lord of kaho horn quest now finished! Thats all for today. See ya! =D
Dont worry, the old man will tell you where to find each items (what monster should you kill to get the items)..