Hi guys! I'm back..
I would like to share some experience as angra user, and i make this tutorial for angra user only!
Maybe you think like this, "I'm an angra user, I can up level up faster without you stupid tutorial"...ahaha

Angra is a superweapon inside Rebirth ro game, but it only can help you kill monsters faster with (+3800 attack damages). If you attack some noob monsters with it while your level rising, your experience will go slowly.. So, what you need is knowledge.

What knowledge? What I mean, you need to know where you should go depend on your base & job level. Thats why I make this tutorial. Still, I cant promise you can level up faster like me because its also depend on your job class, your skill and many more...
If you think this tutorial can help you level up faster, then, use it as you guide.

Remember: To level up faster,
  1. Do not leech anyone (party) because if you do so, your experience will be shared among your party. That will make you level up slower.
  2. In this tutorial, im leveling up my swordman -->  Knight  --> High Novice  -->  High Swordman  --> Lord Knight... So, if you leveling up your swordman like me, please use your skill points for bash skill and endure.. (Bash skill can kill monster faster +angra and endure can help you endure all attack from monster)..
  3. Use @autoloot so all item drop by the monster that you kill will be auto picked up by yourself (because you gonna need money/zeny to warp on some dungeon).
This is how my Knight look like (while making this tutorial):

[Rebirth ro screenshot]

Now, lets start from novice.. Go to anthell level 1, and kill those ant eggs. After your job level are 10, stop killing and warp to prontera and change your job to swordman. (to warp to prontera, just type @go g). Then, go back to anthell 1. Oh ya, remember to up your dex stats first. Until your dex is 60-70, then go to les forest. While you still in anthell for second time, attack those ant, it will make you level up faster. Then go to Moscovia dungeon --- Les forest. (sell some of your stuff first).

In Les forest, keep leveling up until your job level 50 (for swordman), then go back to prontera and change your job. After you become knight like me, go back to les forest and keep leveling up until your hp/health is 10k = 10,000 and your dex stat is 100. Why? After this, go to sphinx level 4 and keep leveling up until your base level is 99 (MAx level to change your job to high novice). (rebirth)
Ok2, let me explain why you need atleast:
  • 10k = 10,000 hp/health : In sphinx level 4, there was a monster known as Anubis. That creature have ability/skill like assasin have,that is "Sonic blow". If Anubis attack you with sonic blow, it gonna cost you 8k = 8,000 hp/health damages/deducted. If you have atleast 10k hp, you can survive that attack.
  • dex stat 100 : Well, it depend on what type of monster your facing, just to make it safe, make sure your dex is 100 so each time you attack anubis, no more miss.

After you change to High novice --->  High swordman, just repeat the step when you was just a novice and swordman. Thats all... To level up faster after you change to Lord knight, Im suggesting you to go to abyss lake level 1,2 and 3. or you can try Thanatos tower level F7 & F8. (You can make some great profits there).. Then, when your level like 160-170..Try your luck at cata...Its gonna be tough.. You will need high dex and agi so you can survive longer & your attack wont miss.

P/s: You might keep wondering why Im suggesting you go to anthell, les forest, and sphinx level 4. It because of you can get more exp and low chances to get killed. Yeah! Even you are an angra user, you still can get killed! Happy playing rebirth ro!