Hi guys!
Its already been a while since my last post. Right now, i just want to share info about Angra manyu. What is angra manyu? How to get it? whats good & bad about angra? All of this question will be answered after this. Keep reading.

What is angra manyu?
-->  A weapon that also known as "The real holy cross". Its only available for Loki server (rebirth ro) as premium item/donate item.

How to get angra manyu?
--> There are 3 ways to get angra manyu.
         1. Donate 10 euro = 1000 premium points/10 Credits.
         2. Buy premium points (in coin shape/item) using zeny.
         3. Rent it using 120,000,000 zeny/2 Credits.

The good side of angra manyu?
-->  I really love this premium weapon! It will heal you equally like your damage attack on monster. Example, you attack one monster at the damage was 3000, you will be heal up instant 3000.  Damage = Healed
-->  Increase your attack 3800.
--> Can be use by all type of jobs.
--> If someone hacking your account, they cannot steal your angra! Since, it cant be dropped! But, If they delete your char with angra, it will be lost forever! You need to contact GM rebirth ro to get it back. Thats the only way, unless you want to donate again.=D

The bad side?
--> Its your forever. You cannot sell it back or give it to other people.
--> It cannot be duel-weilded by assasin/assasin cross.
--> Cant be used in PVP (Player versus Player) & WOE (War of Emperium).

 P/s: If you need more info about angra manyu, just leave your comment here. I will reply as soon as possible. That all for now! Cya...