If you playing rebirthro, you should get 1 notice about The client have received a major update. Lot of changes inside rebirthro and until now, I still having error to patch up. I wait more than 6 hours to patch up. What did i get? Time wasted...lol
If you having the same problem with me, I suggest you download new installer that already been patch up. You can download it here:

Choose only 1:
-->  Bittorrent
-->  Direct download

I heard woe had to be cancelled because lot of players having problem like me.. Huhu.
I think this is somekind of funny notice:

Read carefully! -->  If you do not patch up, you will experience a variety of Interesting errors. lol.... For me those error are not interesting at all....=D

P/s: Still waiting new installer to be full downloaded.. I'm going to install rebirthro back and i hope it will be good as new. Gud luck guys...=D