Ro builds

- No matter which server your playing now, build the right stats is really Importance! Your life, flee, hit, damage, defend all depend mostly on your stats. First, to build the best stats, you need to know each of the stats functions.

Here an explaination about all of it:

  • Strength (str)       - Help strengthen your attacks and your ability to lift more items
  • Agility (Agi)          - Increase the attack speed and your flee rate.
  • Vitality (Vit)          - Strengthen your defenses and enhance your life (hp). 
  • Intelligence (Int)   - Strengthen your magical powers and to improve defense against magical attacks. Not to forget it increase your sp.
  •  Dexterity (Dex)    - Increasing the level of accuracy of your attacks (hit) and speed up your  casting skill.
  •  Luck (Luk)          - Increase your lucky moment such as survive from monster attack (attack  missed), get the most valuable items each time killing monsters.

Well, ro builds is one of the most importants thing if your playing Ragnarok. No ro builds the best stats because it depends on the equipment, level, place, job your character.

For example, you want to know acolyte stats for your character. Now, as you know, the acolyte job mainly involves Blessing, healing, and many others involving the use of sp. Thus, ro builds the best stats for your acolyte is int.
Then, look at your equipment. For example, you use the card card dark lord. Features of this card is:

Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy When the user receives Physical Damage.
[+ Dark Illusion]Maximum HP and SP + 20%
Suppose your character level is 200 + and you want to leveling in cata. but the monster in there attack you with the damage 4k and above. That means, you need a high rate of hp to stay survive. The best ro builds for increasing your hp is vit. No ro builds the best stats because it depends on the equipment, level, place, job your character. Thats all, max up your vit + int. If you have vit and int max, raise more dex you to speed up your casting skill such as buff, healing.

P/s: Dark Lord Card is not affected by your dex. Means even if your dex is low, those monsters will still receive (got hit by your) Meteor Storms. Don't forget to + your agi too.

Read more about stats here: Full explanation!