Let's have fun doing Carrot Headgear Quest. I know at Wiki.rebirthro.com , they already telling peoples how to make this quest but the instruction most of time hard to understand, and most of it wasting our time since they only give us simple instruction on how to make it.

I hope this tutorial make this quest more easier especially to a new member/player at REBIRTHRO. Shall we start now? ^_^

First, warp yourself to Payon Dungeon level 1, then walk immediately out the portal. Once you out, you are now inside Archer Village.

[Snapshot at Payon Dungeon Level 1]

After that, walk to the far South portal and speak to Elmer Thudd (Located at 78,28).

[ Elmer Thudd was at the same place where you can see an white arrow inside the map above.]

Click Elmer Thudd to talk with him, and he will tell you to hunt 150 Buggs Bunny. Buggs Bunny is a lunatic type monster located in Archer Village.

Some conversation between I and Elmer Thudd .. =)

Lastly, when you finish killing 150 Buggs Bunny, return to Elmer Thudd and he 
will give you 1 Carrot Headgear.

Congratulation! Ok, now let me introduce to all of you what is carrot headgear?

Name : Carrot
Some Info : Knock Knock! Who's there? Carrot. Carrot who? Do you carrot all about me!
Agi +1 , +10 % more healed from carrot!
Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Defense on Tyr : 0
Equipped On : Upper
Weight : 10

P/s: Pssstt! This quest only can be done once! If you want to make more of it, make others char and do it again then delete the character and so on. I'm not quite sure how much you can get if you sell this thing to other people, but the last time I saw someone sell it for 1m = 1million/1,000,000 zeny each ... =)