I know this Mr Smile Mask quest kinda noob, but i just dont care! I play rebirthro just because one thing. That's is fun! Let's do the quest for fun together. :P

To make Mr. Smile mask, first you need to collect 3 different items:

  1. 10 Jellopy 
  2. 10 Fluff
  3. 10 Clover

To get all of this things, im suggesting you go to Geffen Town (type @go geffen). Then, walk to the upper Geffen Town and go outside. 

 Geffen Town (Upper)

(Outside Geffen map gef_fild04)

To get jellopy, kill poring while killing fabre, you can gain fluff and clover.


P/s: Images taken from : Ratemyserver.net

After you get all things needed, go to Izlude town (@go 5) or other town, see here for more info: Mr smile mask quest and look for npc name Smile Assistance. Then, talk to the npc and she will make Mr.smile for you and it free. See the map at the left, the map show where is the Npc name Smile Assitance. (White arrow).

Some conversation between me and The Smile Assistance Girl:

P/s: The best time for you to make this quest is when your level still low (novice) because by doing this, you also can level up at the same time. Remember! Dont waste your time. There's a lot more quests,fun waiting for you inside Rebirthro (Ragnarok game). :P