Recently, I have been working for few hours just to make this quest.. It's quite hard since you need to do each of it one by one. But, here. Since my craft level already max for this Tailoring quest (Level 40), I'm going to share some tips for you to make sure you dont waste too much time/money doing this quest.

Doing this quest, all peoples target to make equip +10. So, here's the hint.
First, make sure you read all items needed in this quests. There's a lots of it, so focus! Find all of it, I''m suggesting find more than 300+ each items because you need lots of it. Maybe you wont use all of it, but still if there's any extra, you can sell it to others. Gain some profits. (Sell it at high prices,dont worry, people need it, so they will buy it) :p

Seconds, Dont forget to do those work given by Tailoring Master because each time you done the work given, you will receive Denarius, (a type of currency used to buy higher skill level books). Now, each work have they own limits. Example, when your tailoring skill already at level 5, you will be given new tailoring work that is repaired clothes. So, be prepared all items inside your inventory!

Thirds, To make things easier, you can escape from doing some of the tailoring work. How? Remember when I tell you each work given have they own limit depending on your tailoring skill level? What you have to do is start making those item needed to make all of the equipments. When you do that, your tailoring skill will raise up faster (But you wont gain any denarius) and make sure you settle down all of those equipment (I mean done making 1 full sets). If not, that time your level wont raise up depend on which level you now. Example, when your done making all  bonded leather sets, your level can raise up from 10 to 20. You can only level up your tailoring skill up to 10 level for each sets you have done making it. Escaping from some tailoring work given can help you leveling your tailoring skill faster because the higher ranking of tailoring work given to you, the higher tailoring experiences and denarius you can gains. How good is that? :P

Fourth, dont waste your failure. I have seen lots of peoples throwing they own equipment that they just make (I mean equipment that have low refine level). Examples, you throw your  +1 your name's bonded leathers. Oh, come on! Those things can gain your money. Like i did. I pickup all equipment that's people throw away but the best part of it, and belive it or not, I gain more than 50m+ by selling some of it to others by vending (opening shop) while i'm sleeping and things that i have been selling from +0 - +5 refine level. From there, i manage to cover up my expenses while doing this quests. :P

Five, if you want to do this quest, use your merchant class job. Why? because they have discount skill level up till level 10 that will help you buy crafting supply items cheaper than usual. Examples, 10k fibre comb --> but you buy it for only 7k+ each. Yeah, i have save a fews millions+ thanks to this merchant skill. You will need hundreds of each crafting supply. So, be wise, think twice! :P

Sixth, alway think big and dont be silly! If you manage to make +10 equips, keep atleast 1 of it for your own character expecially those equip that give you high hp and dex. When you want to make a new character, those equip will make things easier for you since you can fight stronger monster even your level lower than usual. And If you manage to make extra +10 equips, sell it at high prices. I have been wondering all around payon town quite a lots these days and I have seen people selling those +10 equip atleast for 100m+ each! And each sets have 4 equips. If you manage to make 1 full set (4 equips) all +10, your gonna be rich!
4x 100m = 400m (Enough to buy angra).

P/s: Please read more info about Tailoring Quest here : Tailoring. Since, my english kinda poor. If you have anything to ask, just leave your comment below this post.