Hi guys! I'm back! Lot of  things happen like CEDI in rebirthro (Loki server) make Credit prices goes down and other thing become very cheaps. Thats why I'm going to share some important things before you start selling your stuff and what you should sell.

Its all about how to become one of the rich jerk in rebirthro.

Tips 1
+  Refine your equip before selling it. Examples, +4 katar of raging blaze. You can sell it at higher price than katar that have no refine rate. Or +4 strong shield. The higher refine rate, the price will be higher.

Tips 2
+  Farm OCA = Old card album at alpha MVP room. Right now, its very expensive because peoples need it for CEDI. Right now, the price of OCA is about 75 OCA = 1 C (Credit). 

Tips 3
+  Farm MVP card. The most expensive MVP card you can farm at MVP room is TG card. Turtle General. You can sell it around 90-100m each! No offence..

Tips 4
+  Farm fabric. Fabric is one of the most important items for quest like drooping lif, drooping ninetail, fable silk and more.. The market price for fabric right now is 25-30k each. Dont sell it to NPC. You will only get some small amount of zeny. Not worth!

Tips 5
+  Dont sell when you see lot of peoples selling the same things, its only make the prices goes down badly.

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