How to make parties in ragnarok (rebirthro)?

It simple. Just type  /organize "party name" (without quotes & click enter!).

Example : /organize rockandroll
Make sure you add 1 space between /organize & "party name". And no space for party name. Example, /organize rock and roll    .If you put space in party name, it wont work! ^^

How to remove party member?
~ type: /expel "playername" (spelling must be exact)

How to leave/disband party?
~ type:   /leave

How to chat in party chat?
~ Click the small button like in screenshot below and choose send to party. Then, you can chat in party and people that are not in party cant read whatever you type. But! If you type that guy stupid, $%^$#^6 and etc. Still, he cant read it .Lol.   T__T

Remember, you cannot share exp with other party member if your or they level far too high or too low. The distance must be maximum 30 level. Example, My base level now is 20 while your 30. We still can share exp since our distance level was only 10 level. But if my level is 20 and your level 70, we cant share exp because our distance level more than 30 level. Got it?

P/s: You also can invite others to party, just type: " /invite name " without quote & click enter.
Example: /invite marzuki
But, if somehow the person who your going to invite have a space in his/her name like: Tris Krin , you need to  put quote infront and at the end of his/her name . Example: /invite "Tris Krin"

Good luck!